Songs Dedicated to the United Nations and the World Community

Over the course of his 37 years of service to the United Nations, Sri Chinmoy wrote hundreds of songs dedicated to the vision and mission of the UN, and a selection of these compositions is offered here. Sri Chinmoy taught these songs to the members of the Peace Meditation Group, and the choir performed them on numerous occasions at UN Headquarters in New York and at other venues. In addition to those for the United Nations and the world community, Sri Chinmoy wrote songs for special events, as noted on some of the compositions; for those serving the world body in various capacities; and for Funds and Agencies, such as UNICEF and UNESCO. He also wrote a series of songs in his native Bengali, setting to music some of his own English translations. This selection of songs appears in Songs of Peace, songs and poems by Sri Chinmoy dedicated to the United Nations, published in honour of the upcoming 75th anniversary of the world organization. The first edition of this book was presented to Francesco Pisano, Head of the UN Library, United Nations Office at Geneva, by Ranjana K. Ghose, Director of the Jharna-Kala Art Foundation, at the opening of the exhibit of Sri Chinmoy’s Paintings for World Peace and Harmony at the UN Office at Geneva on 6 June 2017.

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Songs Dedicated to UN Secretaries-General

Sri Chinmoy offered his insightful appreciation and support to those at the helm of the UN, writing songs for the Secretaries-General as well as for other officials. He also set to music some of their immortal utterances. Selected here are several of these compositions, dedicated to Trygve Lie (1946-1952), Dag Hammarskjöld (1953-1961), U Thant (1961-1971) and Javier Pérez de Cuéllar (1982-1991). The choir had the honour to perform many of these songs while accompanying Sri Chinmoy for meetings with the Secretaries-General and other officials.

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Songs Honouring Great Souls

Selected here are a few of the many songs Sri Chinmoy wrote for special programmes held at UN Headquarters in New York and other venues, some honouring great individuals who elevated the standard of humanity.

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Songs of Peace

Following is a selection from the many songs of peace composed by Sri Chinmoy, including one in his native Bengali with a version for his English translation as well. The Peace Meditation Group choir has performed these songs for a variety of official UN programmes, many of which were webcast by the UN and are part of the UN archives.

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